CEO, Cody Pepper interviewed about how culture, coaching, and KPI’s help to build the franchise system at Bee Healthy Cafe

The objective of any business is to generate a satisfactory profit for the owner, and our goal for our franchisees is no different. We want you to make money today and generate lasting wealth for tomorrow. To achieve this goal, Bee Healthy Cafe Franchising LLC supports its franchise partners with a high-touch approach.

What makes Bee Healthy Cafe a great model to generate wealth?

Guests Love The Food

Lower Costs To Open

Lower Costs To Operate

The most important thing for any business is product/market fit. We have it in spades. Our customers love us and give us great reviews. Second, the cost of opening a Bee Healthy Cafe is lower than other restaurant models because of flexible footprint size and reduced kitchen equipment requirements. Finally, the monthly operating expenses are low due to a unique staffing system developed to increase teammate efficiency and high inventory turnover resulting in lower food waste.

High Customer Ratings

Our cafes receive best in class ratings when compared to in-market competitors. Click here to see the video.

Personalize support for all franchisees

Our team offers 180 days of active coaching for new franchisees to help with onboarding, location selection and build out support, owner/manager training, on-the-fly support, on-site training, grand opening assistance and more based on individual needs.

Low cost of entry

Low initial franchise fee of $30,000, allows you to get open and operating with more cash in your pocket. Multi-unit development discounts available.

Low cost of buildout

Our smaller square footage and safe kitchen design keeps costs lower cost of buildout than most fast-casual concepts, allowing you to get up and running fast.

Low monthly operation (Not operational) costs

A focus on smaller locations keeps rent, utilities and staffing costs low. Royalty fee fees are 6%.

Increase your bottom line

High customer satisfaction, personalized support and low cost of entry, buildout, and monthly operational costs is the bee wealthy recipe.

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